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Red Oak Flooring - Unfinished Solid

Our unfinished solid red oak flooring is available in plank widths ranging from 2 1/4" Strip to 8" Wide Planks.

We offer our red oak flooring in the following grades:

  • Select & Better
  • #1 Common
  • Character (Mix of #1 and #2 Common)
  • #2 Common
  • #3 Common

The following sawing methods are available below:

  • Plain Sawn (All products that do not specify a special sawing method are Plain Sawn)
  • Rift & Quarter Sawn
  • Rift-Only (Straight, Vertical Grain Pattern)
  • Quartered-Only (Straight Grain with Ray-Fleck)

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1 1/2 Strip

1 1/2" Strip

2 1/4 Strip

2 1/4" Strip

3 Planks

3" Planks

3 1/4 Planks

3 1/4" Planks

4 Planks

4" Planks

5 Planks

5" Planks

6 Planks

6" Planks

7 Planks

7" Planks

8 Planks

8" Planks

9 Wide Planks

9" Wide Planks

10 Wide Planks

10" Wide Planks

11 Wide Planks

11" Wide Planks

12 Wide Planks

12" Wide Planks


Red oak is one of the domestic hardwoods we carry, and this includes unfinished solid hardwood options. Our unfinished red oak hardwood flooring comes in strip and plank sizes, as well as a variety of grades. We carry the top two grades for domestic solid hardwood, clear and select and better, and several lower grades, including character and common. Additionally, our unfinished red oak flooring comes in plain sawn, quartersawn, and rift and quartered options for your home. Although red oak naturally has a light red and luminous color, these various cuts allow different aspects of the grain to be exposed, allowing for a detailed, brilliant floor.


Although we try extremely hard to provide photographs that accurately depict our many flooring products, the colors shown may vary in color from the actual flooring. This is due to different computer monitor settings that you may be viewing our website on, image quality, transfer quality etc. Our pictures are only meant to help guide you with your color choices as you make your very important flooring decision.


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