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Amendoim Hardwood

Amendoim HardwoodAmendoim is an exotic hardwood and has recently been gaining popularity as a hardwood flooring option. It has been getting more popular because of its color variety, hardness, and unique grain pattern. We offer Amendoim as a prefinished, solid exotic hardwood.

Amendoim is also known as Brazilian Oak. It can be found in Brazil, Argentina, and Paraguay. Amendoim has a light reddish hue with a golden cast. The light color of Amendoim can really brighten up a room and give it a rich feeling. The subtle color variations give any room a welcoming feeling. The unique swirls and rings in the grain give Amendoim a unique look. This gives the floor a natural look with a lot of character.

Another reason for Amendoim's popularity is its hardness. Amendoim received a 1912 on the Janka Hardness Scale. This makes it harder than maple and oak, and places it at a moderate hardness overall. Its hardness makes it an excellent choice for floors with high foot traffic. Our Amendoim comes prefinished with a 7-coat UV cured aluminum oxide fortified finish. This finish really brings out the beauty of the wood while giving it protection from scratches and fading. The finish comes natural with no stains, making it virtually mess free and easy to install. Amendoim is also fairly easy to work with. You can use hand or machine tools when working with Amendoim, but its interlocked grain can cause tear-out, making cutting more difficult.

Amendoim is a fairly inexpensive choice if you are looking to put exotic hardwood flooring in your home. You will get the look of a high end hardwood floor for a fraction of the price. The light coloring and unique grain pattern will brighten up any room. Amendoim is a great choice when looking for an exotic hardwood that will look great but not break the bank.

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