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BR 111 Flooring

BR 111 HardwoodExotic flooring has been one of the more recent trends in hardwood. The sharper contrasts of the grain and bolder hues often convince many to switch from domestic to exotic varieties of wood. Additionally, manufacturers like BR111 make exotic varieties far more affordable. As the leader in exotic hardwood flooring, BR111 has several varieties of South American woods, which are sold through The Discount Flooring Company. From Brazilian cherry to Amendoim, BR111ís selection includes many solid and engineered hardwoods to compliment a home. Known for their natural look and brilliant colors, BR111 flooring has an exotic wood for nearly any building.

Aside from aesthetic reasons, the benefits of hardwood flooring also include its durability. Many species are, in fact, harder than domestic oak. In terms of installation, however, adding BR111 flooring is standard. The brand has solid and engineered options for all species, and one is sure to fit into your home. Generally, if your home has a radiating heat source, engineered exotic hardwood is better. Additionally, BR111 offers prefinished and unfinished options. Go with the former for replacing the entire floor, while the latter is better for matching the finish to existing flooring.

BR111 carries a line of locking flooring, as well. While the planks of First Grade hardwood lock in place, they need to be stapled or glued down to be fully installed.

BR111 wood floors range from the most common hardwoods, such as Brazilian cherry, to harder to find ones. No matter which one you choose, the bolder and brighter colors and grain contrasts will certainly enliven the flooring for your home or business. BR111 flooring comes from several South American species, and these include tigerwood, Amendiom, Brazilian cherry, Santos mahogany, Brazilian walnut, angico, Brazilian oak, Brazilian teak, macchiato pecan, and Brazilian hickory, with Amendoim being the most popular.

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