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BR 111 Hardwood

BR 111 HardwoodWhatís the latest trend in flooring? Exotic hardwood floors. More affordable than ever before, exotic hardwood flooring, manufactured by such brands at BR 111, has contrasts not seen in domestic varieties. Even more common types of exotic hardwood flooring, such as tigerwood and Brazilian cherry, have these features. Additionally, hardwood flooring is also practical, being harder than domestic oak. BR 111 is the leader in exotic varieties, and many pieces of First Grade solid and engineered wood by them are sold through The Discount Flooring Company.

With a natural look and brilliant colors, BR 111 flooring has the beauty of exotic varieties with an affordable price tag. Because BR 111 flooring is increasingly common, several varieties of it are sold through stores like The Discount Flooring Company. Many opt for exotic flooring over domestic for the bolder colors and contrasting grain. Brazilian walnut, for example, has a richer and darker color than comparable domestic woods, while the grain variation of high-quality tigerwood is unmatched. BR 111 has several South American hardwoods as part of its product line, all of which are available in engineered and solid options. Some of these include Brazilian cherry, Amendoim, Brazilian walnut, Santos mahogany, angico, Brazilian oak, tigerwood, Brazilian hickory, macchiato pecan, and Brazilian teak. Amendoim is the brandís most popular hardwood.

Installation of BR 111 flooring is standard. While either solid or engineered might be best for your home, BR 111 hardwood flooring also comes in prefinished and unfinished options. If youíre replacing part of an existing floor, unfinished is better, as youíll be able to match the finish better. Prefinished, with a locking mechanism, is ideal for replacing an entire floor with domestic hardwood. Additionally, the locking flooring offered by BR 111 simply needs to be glued or stapled in place to be installed fully.

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