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Brazilian Teak Flooring

Brazilian Teak FlooringIn a century where going green is popular and very important, it is crucial to be aware of the potential carbon footprint that we individually create. Having said that, have you considered the environmental impacts of installing hardwood floors in your home? If you haven't, consider this: the largest environmental impact of hardwood flooring is the harvesting of trees. While not necessarily bad for the environment, trees are being harvested at an alarming rate, and some exotic species are facing extinction. If this issue hits close to home, or pulls at your heart strings, not to worry, because we offer Brazilian teak flooring, an exotic hardwood that is harvested from responsible forest projects where harvesting is closely monitored and controlled. Find out how installing this beautiful hardwood can benefit your home as well as the environment.

Sturdy and Beautiful Brazilian teak flooring is one of the strongest hardwoods used in the industry. On the Janka scale, Brazilian teak rates 3540, which is incredibly high. In fact, it's twice as high as red oak. If you're at all familiar with hardwoods, you'll know that red oak is known for its durability; if Brazilian teak doubles red oak on the hardness scale, you can only imagine how durable this species really is. But Brazilian teak isn't favored just because of its density. Brazilian teak is also beautiful. With a full range of colors that stretches from deep dark brown to pale tan to ruby red, the perfect variance for any room of your home is out there.

Green Exotic Once again, you'll love this hardwood not only because it is strong and beautiful but also because it promotes environmental responsibility. Because our Brazilian teak comes from monitored forest projects, you can pride yourself on being environmentally friendly. Plus, this wood is an exotic native to South America; it will be a conversation starter in your home for many years to come.

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