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Brazilian Teak Hardwood

Brazilian Teak HardwoodYou've seen it in magazines, and you've seen it in advertisements, but you're still unsure why everyone seems to love Brazilian teak hardwood. Is it a hardwood used for flooring? Is it used in cabinet making? Is it strong? Does Brazilian teak really come from Brazil? Your head is swimming with questions regarding this exotic wood, if it even is an exotic that is, and you just want answers. Well, you've come to the right place; the following is everything you need to know about Brazilian teak hardwood.

First of all, where on Earth does Brazilian teak come from? Does it really come from Brazil? Well, yes, in fact, it does. Brazilian teak is a tropical exotic hardwood native to South America. Because of its popularity, many rainforests are suffering from Brazilian teak harvesting. Because this is such a problem, we get our Brazilian teak form carefully monitored forest farms in order to keep the environmental impact to a minimum.

So, as Brazilian teak is a tropic exotic, what then is it used for? If you guessed hardwood flooring, then you are 100-percent right. Even though Brazilian teak can be used in a variety of other products such as cabinets, veneers, pianos, and even canoes, the most popular use for this exotic hardwood is for flooring. Why? Brazilian teak is incredibly strong and sturdy. Being almost six times stronger than redwood, this exotic wood flooring can stand up to just about anything. Brazilian teak is ideal for active families, as it is fire resistant, shock resistant, and insect resistant. Because of its resistance to rot and decay, Brazilian teak is also a common choice for outdoor decking.

We know what you're thinking, "Brazilian teak is strong and exotic, but is it attractive?" Brazilian teak wouldn't be nearly as popular if it weren't easy on the eyes. Even with its strong characteristics and exotic appeal, Brazilian teak wouldn't be a consumer draw if it didn't look good in their homes. That being said, yes, Brazilian teak is a beautiful hardwood. With colors ranging from golden tan to a reddish brown, this hardwood will look good in just about any room of your house.

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