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Cumaru Flooring

Cumaru FlooringCumaru, which is also known as Brazilian Teak, is an exotic hardwood found mostly in South America. Cumaru is popular for hardwood flooring because of its color and hardness. Cumaru's strength and hardness gives it wide spread uses including decks, docks, cabinetry, furniture, and railroad ties. You will find Cumaru to have a medium to dark brown color, sometimes with a reddish or purple hue. Its unique color makes it a popular choice for hardwood flooring in high end home and places of business.

What makes Cumaru such a popular choice for so many applications is its hardness. This gives Cumaru great durability and weathering properties. Cumaru can be used in heavy traffic areas and has high decay resistance. Cumaru has a rank of 3540 on the Janka Hardness scale. This places Cumaru only 2.5-percent softer than Brazilian Walnut and harder than Red Oak, Jarrah, and Santos Mahogany. Cumaru's grain can be interlocked with a coarse and wavy texture, adding to its hardness. Cumaru has a beautiful "champagne" reddish brown color. Over time, the color can fade from sunlight but adding a finish can help preserve Cumaru's unique color.

Cumaru can be found in three grades and can be purchased as unfinishedorprefinished. The three grades are Select grade, Clear Grade, and #1 Common Grade. Clear Grade is the highest grade and the hardest to obtain. Clear Grade is the most desired grade for high end homes and businesses. Select Grade is the most commonly used grade, and when finished, it is a very beautiful and unique product. #1 Common Grade is similar in appearance to the other grades, but may contain more sapwood and may have a shorter average board length.

If you are looking for a lighter color, then unfinished Cumaru is a great choice. If you are looking for a darker colored Cumaru, then prefinished would be a better choice. When finished, Cumaru's unique color truly shines. Purchasing prefinished Cumaru is also beneficial when installing hardwood floors yourself. It will make installation easier and cut back on overall time. When installing a Cumaru hardwood floor, it is important to predrill, because Cumaru's hardness will cause it to split easier.

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