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Discount Hardwood Flooring

Discount Hardwood FlooringDon't think of "discount" as inferior. Instead, the large amount of high-quality discount hardwood flooring at The Discount Flooring Company is the perfect deal for renovating your home. Hardwood flooring has a character vinyl and carpet can't achieve. With dark, light, and two-tone grains, hardwood flooring is the foundation of a room's appearance. Sold wholesale, discount hardwood flooring in our store comes in all grades. Take advantage of these prices to add new flooring to your home or building.

Domestic hardwood flooring, even discounted, is sold in the following grades:

• Select and Better grade is the most uniform grade and and generally contains no knots.
• Common will have some color variation and some small knots.
• Common will have a large amount of color variation, larger and more frequent knots, and a shorter average board length.
• Rustic, tavern, or cabin grade is value flooring that, with many imperfections, does not pass the manufacturer's standards and is sold at a steep discount. Value-grade flooring has visible knots, graining, and streaks, but these characteristics give each piece character. Value-grade flooring is often sold at 50 percent of the original price.

Discount hardwood flooring at The Discount Flooring Company is sold in solid and engineered varieties. Each type, fully made out of natural wood, has advantages and disadvantages. Solid hardwood flooring is cut directly from the tree and is one solid piece throughout. Solid hardwood must only be used on or above grade. The wood, as well, must be nailed down to a wood subfloor.

Considered more versatile and dimensionally-stable, engineered hardwood flooring can be added in a greater amount of locations. One piece is made out of three to nine thin wood plies of hardwood bonded together through heat and pressure. Fully made of hardwood, engineered flooring has the specified species on top domestic and exotic woods are possible and lower plies are made up of a similar or more stable species.

Engineered hardwood flooring can be added to any floor level of a building and can be installed over concrete slabs and radiating heat sources. Easier to install, engineered flooring can be glued, stapled or floated over wood subfloors, concrete, and other surfaces.

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