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Distressed Wood Flooring

Distressed Wood FlooringMany homeowners are choosing to install distressed wood flooring to add value and warm character to their homes. Numerous wood options including distressed cherry wood flooring add to a home's comfort and beauty. Distressed wood flooring is popular for the look of handmade craftsmanship and heritage texture.

The decision to install distressed wood flooring is becoming increasingly popular as homeowners look more and more to the past as a time when things were done right. In this modern age characterized by a hectic pace and disposable products, people are looking to make their homes an oasis of substance and character. Distressed wood flooring reflects the peace and durability of a time gone by, when products were built to last.

Part of the beauty of distressed wood flooring is the ability to add dimension and balance. Distressed wood flooring shows scrape marks and character in the wood, which add texture and beauty. The smooth modern look of furniture and appliances is actually complemented by the depth and character of this wood.

Homeowners have many options to consider when choosing to install distressed wood flooring. Many species of wood are available, including hickory and distressed cherry flooring. Solid wood and engineered distressed wood flooring are available for flexibility in installation.

To install distressed wood flooring in basements or in other locations with significant variations in temperature or humidity, engineered wood is the way to go. Engineered wood is more stable and can be installed throughout a home or in conjunction with solid wood. Solid wood is not the best option for bathrooms or kitchens and is not appropriate in basements due to moisture issues. Selections such as distressed cherry wood flooring are available in engineered options as well as prefinished options to make installation fairly easy and straight forward. Time and labor costs can be kept at a minimum with factory finished flooring selections.

When homeowners install distressed wood flooring, they add timeless beauty and comfort to their homes. Care and maintenance of distressed wood flooring is similar to that of all hardwood floors. Consult with the manufacturer for recommended cleaning products and dry liquid spills quickly to ensure the beauty of floors such as distressed cherry wood flooring will last for years to come in the peace and comfort of your own home refuge from the fast-paced disposability of the modern world.

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