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Hand Scraped Solid Wood Hickory Flooring

Hand Scraped Hickory FlooringWhat options are there for hickory flooring? Like all domestic hardwoods, hickory can be found in engineered and solid forms and prefinished or unfinished. Hand-scraped hardwoods, however, have grown in popularity, and because of the challenges hickory poses in installation, opting for the rustic, distressed character is turning into an additional option for homeowners.

With a Janka scale rating of 1820, hickory is one of the densest domestic hardwood species. While this quality makes the hardwood durable, it's also a drawback, as hickory is difficult to machine, sand, and finish. For the latter of these three, blotching is a frequent result, unless the right precautions of opening or fully closing the grain are taken. Hand-scraped hickory flooring, on the other hand, camouflages blotching better, all while creating a rustic character and adding a further dimension of texture. The contrast of the reddish heartwood and tan sapwood is still preserved, however.

Hand scraped solid hickory flooring essentially comes in two varieties: rustic, with a patina of knots, mineral streaks, and heavy graining, and classic, which is created through hand-sculpting the wood. Nevertheless, there's no one type of hand scraped solid hickory flooring, and that's the essence of this type of product. Through a combination of staining, aging, or scraping, a floor takes on a new character.

Some hand scraped solid wood hickory flooring is aged, sold under names like "time worn aged" or "antique." While the wood is distressed through aging, embellishments, such as dark-colored staining, highlighting the grain, and contouring, emphasize the character. Still on the same classic or antique note, French bleed flooring is distinguished through beveled edges. The joints on the floor, as a result, are highlighted with a darker stain.

Hand scraped solid wood hickory flooring, on the other hand, often lives up to its name through other types. Hand-sculpted adds texture through contouring, but the result isn't an overly coarse surface. Wire brushed adds a bit more, as the grain is accented and the sapwood removed. Hand hewn and rough sawn is the most textured, with even saw marks visible on the floor's patina.

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