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Hand Scraped Wood Flooring

Hand Scraped Wood FlooringTired of seeing the same old shiny, seemingly perfect hardwood floors of the twenty-first century? If so, then you need to check out hand scraped wood flooring. Hand scraped flooring features the classic wood floor look without the "out of the box" shine. If you're looking for a wood floor that has character and is able to hide future dings and bumps, then hand scraped wood flooring is the perfect flooring for you and your home.

It seems like flawless wood flooring is all the hype these days; if you're looking for a wood floor that is unique, check out our hand scraped wood floors. Hand scraped wood flooring is the technique of purposely marring planks to achieve a worn, old, used look. At first thought, this look may not be desirable; however, this look is perfect for homeowners who are looking for a floor to compliment a vintage style or for a homeowner who is restoring an antique home. The scraped wood look is achieved through the use of chisels, sanders, and hammers and methods including dropping, banging, and stripping the wood of its top layer. The goal is to get the wood to look older than it really is. Why? To achieve a stylish, aged antique look that will hide future scratches and damage.

So, you may be thinking, "Whoever got it in their head to start marring hard wood flooring before installing?" The technique of hand scraping began in the 1600s out of necessity, not for style. Before modern technology and machinery, wood planks needed to be scraped down to make them level; hand scraping has been popular ever since and is now a popular look in vintage estates. Don't worry about getting a sliver; modern day hand scraping is sealed with a tough finish to give your scraped floor a smooth finish.

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