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Inexpensive Hand Scraped Hardwood Flooring

Inexpensive Hand Scraped Hardwood FlooringAre you considering a character change for your home but are on a budget? Opt for inexpensive hand scraped hardwood flooring from The Discount Flooring Co. Available unfinished and prefinished, inexpensive hand scraped hardwood flooring has a rustic or classic character. A greater prevalence of knots, heavy graining, and mineral streaks are signs of the former type, while a smoother, sculpted texture is the hallmark of classic hand-scraped flooring.

This distressed product has grown in popularity in recent years. Texture an additional facet to the floor has fueled the demand. Traditionally, hand scraping is all done manually by trained craftsman, such as Amish wood workers. No plank looking like the other is the result, and this factor is particularly prevalent once the full floor is installed.

Unfortunately, the proliferation has given way to mimicry. Such imitation products are sold under a "distressed" label, and while the planks still have texture, a sculpted and rough pattern is imprinted into the surface of the wood by a machine. Once all planks are installed, the result is a repetitive appearance across the floor's surface.

Popularity has additionally spawned hand-scraped flooring across all species, including domestic and exotic varieties. Hickory, walnut, cherry, and oak, however, are the most popular species in this regards.

Hand-scraped flooring has no uniform look, regardless of price range. Nevertheless, certain techniques are used to manually distress each plank. These include:

Aging. Hardwood in higher and lower grades is distressed through aging. The wood's appearance, then, is further emphasized through dark-colored staining, highlighting the grain, and contouring. Such products are sold as "time worn aged" for higher grades and "antique" for lower.

Finish. Products sold under name "French bleed" are characterized by beveled edges. A darker finish is additionally added to joints.

Scraping and Sculpting. Texture is the most distinct quality of hand-scraped hardwood, and products are sold in varying degrees of roughness. "Hand sculpted" is a smoother distressed product, while "wire brushed" goes a bit further, with grain accented and sapwood removed. Those looking for true coarseness should opt for "hand hewn and rough sawn." With the roughest texture, this type of hand-scraped flooring even has saw cuts visible.

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