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Red Oak Flooring

Red Oak FlooringAs the most popular species for hardwood flooring in the United States, red oak is characterized by a reddish color and coarse grain. Red oak hardwood flooring, additionally, is also known for being stiff, dense, and resisting wear. Because of these characteristics, red oak hardwood flooring is often requested for homes, as it lasts long, has a distinct appearance, and is easy to finish.

Coarse and open grain allows wood to absorb more stain, and this is exactly what red oak flooring does. Nearly any stain and finish can be used with red oak, as all accent the grain and enhance the reddish color. The larger grain, as well, makes blotching less likely to happen. If you're looking to make the grain more distinct, however, a darker stain often highlights the hardwood's surface.

A glossier appearance may be desired by some for their flooring, and, in this case, pore filler will need to be used with red oak. Pore filler is added before any stain or finish. No matter the appearance you want for your floor, red oak is desirable for larger spaces because of its color and durability. Lofts, open floors, and dance studios often go with red oak flooring.

Because of its popularity, red oak flooring is sold as solid and engineered hardwood, with prefinished and unfinished varieties available. If you plan to use the wood to cover a large space, prefinished red oak flooring would be ideal in this instance, as no finishing or staining will be needed. If you want to match the wood to your existing flooring, unfinished red oak flooring is preferred, as you'll be able to stain and finish it. No matter the instance in which red oak is needed, the wood is durable and versatile and is sold through The Discount Flooring Company in higher and value grades.

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