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Santos Mahogany

Santos MahoganyThe most popular species of exotic flooring for high end homes and commercial buildings is Santos Mahogany, or Cabrueva. Santos Mahogany has a unique red color that cannot be found in any other species. When looking for that high end look for your home or business, Clear Grade Santos Mahogany is the best choice. Clear Grade only uses the heartwood of the tree and is color-sorted to give a consistent deep reddish color. Clear Grade Santos Mahogany is nearly flawless with no presence of sapwood to disturb its dark red color. Unfinished Clear Grade Santos Mahogany will provide you with the best high end look to compliment your home.

Santos Mahogany is a fairly hard wood, receiving a rank of 2200 on the Janka Hardness scale. This puts Santos Mahogany as one of the harder exotic woods available, making it a good choice for high traffic areas. Even with its high Janka rank, Santos Mahogany is not that difficult to work with. It is best to use a manual nailer when installing Santos Mahogany. Sanding can be difficult due to its hardness, so professional sanding and finishing is recommended.

Prefinished Santos Mahogany is a great choice when looking for a low maintenance and easier installed hardwood floor. Using prefinished Santos Mahogany will make it easier to install your floors and still give you that high end look you want in your home. You can purchase prefinished Santos Mahogany with a seven coat, UV cured, aluminum oxide finish that will preserve your hardwood floor.

Santos Mahogany trees, sometimes called balsam, are used when making Balsam of Peru, a common fragrance in perfumes. This is why Santos Mahogany can have a very distinct spicy scent when being worked. Santos Mahogany is also very resistant to decay and insects. These properties can contribute to an allergic reaction to dust created when working with Santos Mahogany. It is important to wear a dust mask and appropriate clothing covering your skin when working with Santos Mahogany.

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