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Wide Plank Flooring

Engineered Hand Scraped FlooringAs a rustic and antique option, wide plank flooring comes from two sources. Reclaimed wide plank hardwood generally comes from older, colonial-style homes. Such hardwood is part of a country motif and is typically thicker than standard-size planks. Unfortunately, because of history and their antique quality, reclaimed wide plank flooring is typically higher priced than its newly-milled counterparts.

Newly-milled wide plank, aside from a lower price, greater selection of species, and solid and engineered options, is available up to 20 inches in width. Options, as well, range from clear to rustic grades. The wider size, however, increases variance, and manufacturers may use their own grading system for wide plank products.

Engineered flooring, in general, is ideal for below-grade areas and for placement on top of concrete slabs or radiant heat. With wide plank engineered flooring, boards typically have a 2mm veneer, although some brands or products may have a thicker wear layer. Such products, as well, are typically prefinished, and their length does not exceed 48 inches.

Aside from use on their own, wide planks can be combined with other types of flooring. Random width, or combining wide plank with standard flooring, is another option. Or, as wide plank flooring tends to additionally be longer, this option can be ingratiated with long-length flooring to create a random length look.

Although more and more brands are offering wide plank flooring, three have traditionally offered such products:

Award has specialized in wide plank flooring for a number of years. The brand currently offers smooth and hand-scraped options for solid and engineered flooring.

Homerwood is another brand specializing in this product, offering only wide plank flooring until recently expanding its product line.

Robbins carries standard and wide plank flooring, with boards ranging from as small as one inch to 18 inches wide. Also an option for long length or random length flooring, Robbins' products, both solid and engineered, go up to 16 feet long.

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