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Wide Plank Hickory Flooring

Hickory PlanksHickory flooring's distinct look, of reddish-brown heartwood contrasting with white or cream sapwood, captures the attention of many. Yet, as one of the denser domestic species, hickory can be a challenge to install. For adding hickory to your home, what options are there?

On a basic level, regardless of whether you choose solid or engineered flooring, hickory has closed grain with slightly rough definition. Its Janka scale rating of 1820 indicates the hardwood is very durable, but with strength comes difficulty in machining, sanding, and finishing.

As a result of these characteristics, hickory hardwood either involves a circuitous process of alternative sanding and finishing methods or purchasing as prefinished. Aside from standard flooring, however, hickory can be found as hand-scraped or wide plank flooring.

Although both types have a rustic appearance, hand-scraped hickory is characterized by a rough surface. Character marks, such as knots and mineral streaks, add to this naturally, while the wood itself may be altered by hand through scraping, finishing with a darker-colored stain, or aging.

Another option is wide plank hickory flooring. Displaying the contrasts on a greater scale, wide plank hickory flooring hints at Colonial style while offering a smoother rustic appearance. Although wide plank hickory has been available as reclaimed wood, Award, Homerwood, and Robbins all offer newly-milled products, with hand-scraped and smoother surfaces available.

For newly-milled wide plank hickory flooring, boards can be up to 20 inches in width and thicker than standard hardwood and are found in all grades. Nevertheless, increased width often opens up greater variation, and as a result, manufacturers have their own grades for these products.

If wide plank hickory flooring is ideal for a below-grade space, consider an engineered product. Typically prefinished, this flooring generally has a thicker veneer. While wider, however, these boards extend no longer than 48 inches.

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