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Should You Install Unfinished or Prefinished Brazilian Cherry Flooring?

brazilian cherry flooringWondering whether or not you should install prefinished or unfinished Brazilian cherry hardwood flooring? While the preference is entirely up to you, here are some tips to help you figure it out. When it comes down to it, the choice is 100-percent yours; however, the following will help you make a decision if you don't know which one to choose.

Prefinished Brazilian Cherry – The good news about Brazilian cherry is you can get a totally different look by using a different stain. If you want a deeper color, use a richer stain, and if you want a lighter color, use the stain conservatively. If you are going to use a stain, or if you're wondering if you should use it at all, keep in mind that stained Brazilian cherry looks best in modern, contemporary homes. The reason is simple; stain gives any hardwood a classy, smooth finish that makes the flooring look flawless. If you want to install Brazilian cherry but you're nervous about the wood looking too rustic or if you're worried about it competing with your existing style, just slap a generous amount of stain on your flooring, and you will be amazed how it matches your home décor perfectly.

Another good reason you should install prefinished Brazilian cherry is applying a finish helps protect the hardwood from bumps, spills, and everyday wear and tear. If you have an active, busy family or lots of pets, it's probably a better idea to finish your hardwood floor in order to protect it. The good news is if your finish becomes dull or scratched, you can always polish right up. Now if you're thinking about installing a Brazilian cherry hardwood product that isn't stained, keep reading to find out when doing so is most appropriate.

Unfinished Brazilian Cherry – If you're considering unfinished Brazilian cherry, there are some things you should know. First of all, unfinished hardwood, whether it's Brazilian cherry or not, is not the best look for a modern or contemporary home, because the style will compete with your décor. Because unfinished hardwood, Brazilian cherry included, has a more rustic look to it, don't try to install it in your modern home. Unless there is a very specific look you are going for that requires unfinished hardwood, consult your own style preferences before deciding to go with an untreated floor. Untreated hardwood floors tend to have a more rustic, vintage look to them that goes great with a similarly-styled home. If your home is already themed vintage, then the untreated look would be perfect. Remember that hardwood flooring that is not stained is not protected, so you'll need to treat your hardwood floors with care.