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The Pros and Cons of Prefinished Hickory Flooring

hickory flooringHickory is a highly sought after hardwood for home interiors. It is prized for its strength and beauty, but difficult to work with. Here is look at the pros and cons of prefinished hickory flooring:


  • Extremely durable – Hickory is much harder than other popular domestic woods such as oak, maple, and pine, so it's ideal for high-traffic areas, such as kitchens, where kids and pets congregate.
  • Beautiful grain pattern – Hickory has a grain pattern marked by dramatic color and pattern variations, with mineral streaks and knots that add rich character to any room.
  • Rustic look – Hickory creates a rustic, cabin look like a country cottage.
  • Takes well to stain – Hickory more receptive to stains than most hardwoods, with lighter stains highlighting the unique grain patterns, while darker stains minimize them.


  • Installation difficulties –Because it is so hard, hickory is difficult to install, so it's a good idea to buy precut, prefinished boards.
  • Can warp – Hickory shrinks more than other types of wood as it dries, so you may have to deal with warping or twisting.
  • Beware of lower grade – Lower grade hickory can vary greatly in color, grain, and the number and types of natural defects. It might look great in a log or rustic-style home but isn't suitable for formal dιcor.

The pros outweigh the cons, because hickory remains a top choice for home installation. Its sturdiness and durability are great advantages. While all wood floors may be scratched or dented, hickory floors are the most resistant to these blemishes and stand up very well to wear and tear.

Hickory floors are incredibly strong and require careful attention to detail to get the best results. Hickory must be dried properly to avoid warping and has a tendency to swell and contract, so it should be acclimated in the area for a few days before being worked. While its density makes it a challenge to install and the dense grain complicates staining and finishing efforts, you can buy prefinished hickory, which is easier to install. Factory finished hardwood will save time and expenses on installation charges, and engineered and prefinished engineered hickory flooring are the best options.

Look online for high quality hickory flooring that can be installed by experienced professionals who will avoid the cons of prefinished hickory flooring and create gorgeous floors that will stand up beautifully over time. With proper installation and routine care, prefinished hickory flooring is a great choice for your next floor installation project.