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A Great Appearance at a Great Price

Tips for Using Character Grade Flooring

character grade flooringCharacter grade hardwood flooring is perfect for country homes and homeowners wanting a unique alternative to clean-looking traditional floors. It features a random mix of natural character markings such as knots, light and dark mineral streaks, and beautifully unique grain patterns.

Specific characteristics of character grade flooring vary by wood species. They include such things as slight imperfections in milling, small tight pin knots or pin holes, and distinct variations in coloration and wood characters. They may contain a limited amount of minor character marks, such as grainy surface debris, bubbles, streaks, uncoated bevel, or finish chipping.

Character grade flooring is suitable for homes where character marks and contrasting appearance is desired.

Character grade flooring is available in prefinished and unfinished solid planks in three- to six-inch lengths. It contains all the natural characteristics of the wood with any materials cut out that would weaken or diminish that stability of the wood, which produces an elegant floor with clear and character planks that reflect the best attributes of the natural wood.

A variety of character hardwood species are available:

  • Cherry varies from light brown to reddish brown and will gradually darken over time with exposure to light.
  • Hickory varies from pale brown to reddish brown and contrasts with the white sapwood.
  • Red oak red oak flooring brings out the rich and unique characteristics of oak.
  • Walnut light brown to dark chocolate brown and creamy white sapwood can occur on the edges and ends.

You can also select from these grades of character hardwood flooring:

  • Clear mostly heartwood with natural color variations and minimal character mark that will result in a variable grain pattern and uniform appearance.
  • Select contains all the variations in color produced by the contrasting differences of heartwood and sapwood to create an interesting floor where light sapwood and dark heartwood are combined with small color interruptions.
  • Common prominent color variations and character marks that result in a tasteful floor with prominent variations.
  • Cabin grade the most rustic-looking grade with any number of character marks and color variations.

Look online for the best prices on character flooring from companies that offer the top brands that can be unfinished or prefinished. Unique styles of character grade flooring are available that will add a distinct touch to the rooms in your home, providing the best attributes of natural wood with character features that bring warmth and beauty to your home and will last for decades.