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Tips for Using Wide Plank Flooring

When talking hardwood flooring trends, many old styles are becoming popular once again. One style that has become so popular that hardwood

flooring manufacturers are struggling to meet the demand is wide plank. Normal flooring planks are around two to three inches wide, while wide planks can reach up to eight inches in width. The reason planks are smaller today and wide planks are so hard to obtain is the larger, mature trees once used for wider flooring have been forested and now thinner, younger trees are being used.

Tips when using Wide Planks

One of the great things about wide planks is that the style is not restricted to a single type of wood. Wider planks will draw out the natural beauty of whatever wood species that is used for the floor. Many exotic wood species have unique features that become more visible when wider planks are made from them.

  • Wider planks are subject to greater shrinkage and swelling than narrower boards. Because of this, it is important to control the home's humidity and temperature. Also, when choosing wider boards, opt for more solid woods such as teak or Brazilian walnut.
  • Be sure to ask the contractor about the wood species' dimensional change coefficient, which should be lower than 0.00300. Compare different kinds of wood based on this number to strike a balance between stability and looks.
  • With deforestation becoming a concern around the world, be sure to check if the wood supplier is providing product that has been certified by organizations such as the Forest Stewardship Council.

Wide plank flooring will give any home a rustic and classic look. Whether a person wants to match the style of an older home or give a newer home some character, wide plank flooring can be used. With so many different species and width options, there is wide plank flooring that will satisfy any homeowner's taste.