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Where Can You Install Engineered Flooring?

Hardwood flooring comes in many sizes, widths, lengths and colors, and now one can even purchase hardwood that's engineered. Engineered hardwood is a popular consumer choice because it is cheaper and can be installed almost anywhere. For homeowners who are interested in purchasing engineered flooring but are not sure where they can install it, here is a quick guide.

Where to Install Homeowners will be relieved to learn that installation of engineered hardwood is nearly limitless. One of the perks of engineered wood is that it isn't solid hardwood; this makes it more durable and more resistant to moisture. Even though engineered hardwood can be installed almost anywhere, many still question installation in some areas. Here is a breakdown of installation in questionable areas.

The Basement Many people know that hardwood can't be installed in the basement because of moisture. This is true; moisture and wood don't go well together, as moisture causes wood to expand and shift. Moisture can even cause permanent visible damage. With engineered wood, basement installation is indeed possible. When installing wide planked engineered wood, the homeowner can install in the basement as long as the moisture content in the cement does not exceed two percent. Remember, wide planked boards are usually no smaller than three inches wide. When installing strip boards, the homeowner must make sure the moisture content in the cement does not exceed four percent.

Over Tile and Laminate Many want to know, since engineered wood flooring isn't solid hardwood, is it okay to install it right on top of tile or laminate flooring? The answer to this is yes; however, before doing so, the homeowner must make sure that the existing flooring, whether tile or laminate, is flat, secure, and hard. If for any reason the existing flooring is not secured properly or is not rigid enough to support the wood, remove the tile or laminate.

Over Carpet Many think, "Ok since I can install engineered flooring over tile I must be able to do so over carpet, right?" Wrong. Never, ever install engineered wood floors over carpet. Carpet is not rigid, hard, or strong enough to support wood floors, and doing so would result in damaged, cracked, and wobbly floor boards. Always remove carpeting, tacks, and nails before installing any type of hardwood flooring.